Chapter 2 of 12 

Hello February!!

I am so pumped up today because it’s a hell of a new month!! And it’s the month of hearts and flowers ❤️ I mean , who doesn’t want that??! ( secretly we all do)

I feel like I have been doing the same things for quite  a while, and pursuing my dream in blogging and modelling would be a step out of my comfort zone. My girl Jessica and I were very excited because this was my first shoot of the new year, and a new month! To new beginnings.

 Photographer : Martin Miano

 We were to meet Martin at 9 am and of course considering Nairobi traffic, we got there a little later than expected. Not to worry. We were looking forward to the shoot, so the energy was great, the weather was very rrefreshing, the music in the background just set the tone.

  As early as it was, there were those couples lying in the ground at Uhuru Park. That was pretty humorous. I am very thankful for our Kenya because we do have beautiful parks,with trees and a perfect breeze that  creates such a good mood for laid back coolin. I encourage  you all to try new things. You never know what luck awaits.

About the look : 

I ripped up these mom jeans myself, using a serrated knife and I ripped it according to my own liking and it came out perfect. I do love mixing and matching so I threw In my stripped tee and paired it with my leather coat .

Accesorize! The watch was a special Christmas gift from my sister Rudi ( Crazy right? we have a thing for nicknames in my family )

The booties & striped tee were a gift from my other sister Marcy ❤️


 I  love the detail in these jeans and thought , why not throw in a detailed shot?  
 Do stay tuned for more weekly blog posts and  stay safe .

Special thanks to : 

  1. Jessica & 
  2. Martin 

You can follow Martin on his IG for bookings

           Sincerely , Didi

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