Black Friday,London

Nearly a month ago, I had the privilege of visiting my sisters in London, and I must say it was pretty exciting . Despite the cold weather ,I managed to cover as much ground as possible !

About Black Friday :

From what I know,it was just a normal day,only that the number of people shopping on that particular day was off the charts! So many things were on sale, and you could even get something at 80% off price!

My sister and I took a train to Oxford street prepared to shop till we drop . (Literally)

Aren’t the Oxford street Christmas lights magnificent  ? It was only 3.30pm and it was already this dark

 I had to wait for the  lights to turn red  before I stood in the middle of the road , otherwise I would have been run over by those London Buses . Lol

Since there were so many people shopping at the same time, the queues were just so exhausting . We went from store to store window shopping .

The outfit I was wearing , I actually purchased it from H&M on sale as well.

 I paired my black leather skirt with a gingham shirt  and  dark grey tank top , and since the temperature was below 2 degrees (imagine !!) I had to wear two pairs of tights. The open peep toe boots were from Office and I borrowed them from my sister’s closet.

 Eventually , we had to get back to Brixton , but I must say it was a great day.
I find Window shopping great actually,because the next time you get back, you will know what you want to purchase.

 I couldn’t wait to get back home to a totally luscious cup of hot chocolate !!

I hope you enjoyed this short post. Stay tuned to my next posts about my time in London and most importantly , stay safe .

Sincerely, Didi

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