The tattered jeans

img_8553The history of ripped jeans, is the most organic of all clothing style origins.What is now considered a trend , was the complete opposite earlier on. Ripped jeans were simply a result of over-wearing. Prior to the 70’s they were associated with the less fortunate or working class who could not afford to part with their denim.


However, clothing played a huge role in self- expression in the 70’s. Some wore distress in their jeans with pride, or covered the holes with expressive patches. These distressed, patch wearing, bell bottom, jean-wearing, misfits not only protested for peace, but for our rights to wear extremely casual clothing. Thank you, hippies. 

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Our tropical  Kenyan weather makes it a perfect time to be casual and cool. The best way to bring out your striped shirt is with fun accessories and heels. Add some layers with a light army coat. I love crop tops because they tend to accentuate my upper torso. 

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I threw in my orange heels that I was gifted a few years back  by my sister, to bring in some colour to the look.

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Wearing your hair up is also an added advantage, if you want more focus to go on your look and your face.img_8551

If the coat gets a little over bearing because of the heat, you could still hold it in your hand and still  look gorgeous doing so.img_8550

I hope you all have a lovely Valentines, Do stay tuned for more posts, like and subscribe to my blog posts and most importantly, stay safe.

Sincerely, Didi.

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