Mixn' it up !

Hello everyone ! Welcome to your very own cheat sheet to mixing and matching your wardrobe .

I decided to use these tattered jeans and my striped crop top to show you how I mix and match my wardrobe .

I use bridgetteraes.com three pong approach which she calls the base,accent and pop formula. The bases are the foundation of your outfit like suits,tailored pants, skirts and in my case jeans .

   The accent pieces are normally what you will wear with those bases I mentioned earlier . These are blouses, tank tops , cardigans and what not .

Finally ,the pop is basically a pop of colour! Throw in a floral scarf, some jewellery & maybe  some nice pair of heels , it takes you a long way ladies 🙂

I found the perfect hue that matched with my outfit and so I threw in my floral kimono that I was gifted and since I wanted to switch up from sass,I opted for retro vintage buckle flats that I got from Debenhams instead of the orange heels.

Notice the difference ? This is perfect for a day out with your friends , sipping some good ice tea and catching up.

I love how the frayed denim goes with the retro vintage flats ! I hope you enjoyed my crash course on how to clash the right way.

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Stay tuned for more blog posts & most importantly stay safe .

Sincerely , Didi 


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