A day in Reading, Berkshire

Reading, a small town in England , has by far been the most serene and beautiful place to be. The Londoners don’t call it the country side for no reason. I was told that I was very lucky because I had visited at one of the most warmest winters, that were snow & blizzard free, but the cold, I could not bare. Funny thing is that the British weather seems to be cold all year round, so  I occasionally had a cup of coffee in my hands to keep me warm.


I found the  days ending sooner than expected, after all it was winter. My day begun by catching the bus from Whitley wood, to the town center. Well we arrived at the bus stop when the bus was leaving, so we had to wait for ten minutes for the next bus to come along.

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Next stop, The Oracle. I had to stop by the mall for my love of window shopping of course! I find it so amazing because the next time you need to grab a few items from the store, you  already have a clue what you want. I spent the entire afternoon switching from store to store and eventually  my cousin Tunu wanted to treat me for some late lunch, and what better way to end a long day than with good food?


By the time we got out of the mall, it was already dark, and by dark i mean 4 pm! Crazy right? As you leave The Oracle,  you pass by the Riverside  area that is surrounded with restaurants, bars, beautiful couples watching the stars and the view is so magnificent. I loved how the breeze from the river hit my face at the right spot, giving me chills of course but you pay no  mind because your just in awe!

I loved how the Christmas lights reflected on the water, and how the bridge gave the scene a two sided image , like there was an upside and downside in two separate worlds.


I bet by that sign you already know where we stopped for a late lunch.

Nandos! We were so lucky to get to dine by the window. It felt like an exclusive seat because you get to see the Reading buses pass by at intervals of five minutes, and watch the movements of  people in the streets. Sunsets, moonlights,and stars; These things fascinate me.


Finally, the food was served. I opted for the chicken peri peri, grilled corn on a cob and garlic bread. The flavour, fire and passion of the mild peri peri just kept my heart and soul at Nandos.


I could not leave the restaurant without taking a bathroom selfie, so here you go!


Finally, the day ended with our last pit stop at Treats, a dessert parlour. I ordered the white choc heaven Belgian white chocolate with crushed flake and a scoop of white choc chip ice cream with a waffle top and my cousin had the same but with banana toppings. I had to dig in to her plate of course! The dessert was so sweet toothed and I am anxiously waiting for the day Treats will be opened in Nairobi.

 I hope you felt and shared  my experience and that you enjoyed the post. Stay tuned to more blog posts,  like, share and hit the notify me button, and most importantly, stay safe.

    Sincerely, Didi

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