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Chapter 3 of 12 ;Hello March! Greetings to my devoted readers who have journeyed with me this past month, and a warm welcome to my new readers as well. May your new month be as bright as the sun, as colourful as the rainbow, as lovely as the flowers and as happy as me. Happy new month!

Everyone is entitled to their own love of fabric, but none combines history, craftsmanship and romance as well as lace. The sequence of the material is just to die for. I read from the The history of fashion in Europe that the material was first developed in the  sixteenth-century and was named from its place of origin, and we all know where the heart of fashion is , France!


The precious gem was restricted to royalty of-course, and the elite class of the Europeans.

In my opinion I think that the gown Kate Middleton ,Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge wore on her wedding day was the most beautiful creation that Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen had ever created. The gown (if you remember) was edgy, chic, fun, yet classy and hugged Kate’s body in all the right places.


I paired my orange  lace overall that I am infatuates me, with my black ankle boots .I loved the fact that it had long sleeves and the revealing sequence , let alone the pop of colour ,just left me in awe!


Shorts, dresses and tanks are my go to this breezy tropical season. It never gets too cold nor too hot. I love how it just balances out! To accessorize,  I went for my staple rings , which are my everyday jewelry pieces. Ladies, you don’t have to go overboard with jewelry.


I cannot start to emphasize the love i have for this over-all. I am awed by  frayed detail at the bottom with the zig-zag pattern adding sass to the look .


For those who don’t know Gigi Hadid, she is an American runway supermodel with an impressive 5’10” height and walked in the  2015 Victoria’s  Secret Fashion show with Kendall Jenner. She wore the same look only she wore the suit in white and paired them with some nude heels, for a more elegant look, appropriate for a dinner or cocktail. The heels were perfect because they accentuated her long and toned legs.


I opted for  more casual look and that’s why i wore my boots. Also, as you pick colours, make sure you choose something that complements your skin tone,. You can determine your skin tone using foundation, a watch, (which is why i opted for a gold watch to go with my warm skin tone) or you compare with fabric.



Quite shockingly, GIGI HADID got the lace overall for 72 dollars ( Ksh 7200) , but DIDI HAD IT   for 10 pounds or 16 dollars ( Ksh 1600)  at H&M . Her Christian Louboutins Completa pumps went for 675 dollars(Ksh 67500) but again, DIDI HAD IT for 24 pounds ( Ksh 3840) but they were worth the cost.



I hope you enjoyed the post, and learnt a few tips from my bag of tricks. Stay tuned for more blog posts, like,share and click the notify me button at the bottom of the post, but most importantly, stay safe.

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     Sincerely, Didi





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