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Sun kissed- made brown/ warm by the sun.Taking pictures in direct sunlight can be a bit daunting .When  taking photos in direct overhead sunlight, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve and skillfully try to work with your surrounding. For best results, the photographer could position the camera or phone  in angles, find a shade and work with it and lastly, play with the lighting.

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I really love the sun and all the happiness that comes along with it, but it gets so hard to dress when you’re drenched in sweat. Wearing minimal clothing always seems to be my go to solution but then again it depends on where you’re going. You don’t want to seem to exposed at the town centre, considering the bad attention you will receive.

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The evening sun is so great to work with because the warmth is just at the right temperature, so it’s very bearable. I love how the shadows merge with the rays and extend to the east .The lighting just brings out  a warm and jolly mood.

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There’s no doubt that tank tops are a staple in every  woman’s wardrobe.There are so many ways in which you can wear your classic tank, and this is just one of them.

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The tank and jeans:

I can’t quite put my finger to it but there’s something about a woman in a tank top and jeans. The thing about this look is that it flatters your figure.

I wore my blue skinny ankle glazers that I’ve had for quite a while now, but I can’t let them go that easy.For the shoes, I went for these black ankle strap low heels that I borrowed from my girls’ closet.


With heels, you have to asses the kind of environment you will be around. These pointy heels will not do you any justice if you’re going to be walking for long because although the straps give you stature and comfort, the heels are sharp and your centre of gravity is shifted so you maintain your own balance with your body movement.

This would be ideal for a date , as the heels would make a statement of style and help bring out your figure as you sway from  left to right.

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For the classic tank and jeans look, you just need to find the right jeans and see what colours work well with your tone. Have fun while trying to find the right outfit, be bold and try new things!

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