Skirts n' sweaters

Happy Sunday everyone!

Exclusively, sweaters and skirts are both storage room staples, however when paired, the two are relentless as the ideal season-to-season transitional matching.


Cashmere wool, commonly known as cashmere, is a fiber acquired from cashmere goats and different sorts of goat. Normal use characterizes the fiber as wool however is finer and softer, giving its attributes when contrasted with sheep’s wool.


Cashmere is extravagant and trendy and is likewise a strong and viable venture.It ventures well and doesn’t wrinkle. It offers great insulation;as it is warm in the winter and cool in the spring. Cashmere is durable; it really gets to be gentler with age and once in a while pills subsequent to being worn and washed. It ought to endure forever.


I paired this grey, A-line , knee-length  skirt  with a white cardigan as my accent piece and I added these maroon stone leather fringed loafers to add a bit of colour and sass to the look.


I love the light feeling that you get from wearing this smooth material, and in retrospect to our seemingly hot weather, the heat waves will not consume you. Elevate yourself by trying different sweaters and skirts combos.I especially loved the wave like waist pattern of the skirt.

An over sized knit sweater will work well with a tight skirt, or a long maxi when tucked in at the front, or a pleated skirt. Embrace different aspects of style!


Care for your knits:

Cashmere ought to be flawlessly collapsed on a rack, not hanger. It should be placed  in some kind of sealable suitcase with security against moths. In the event that they wrinkle, you are in an ideal situation steaming than ironing to evacuate the wrinkles.

Hand wash knits with cold water, using a fine washable soap. Never wring or twist. Gently squeeze excess water out with towels. Dry on a flat service on a fresh, dry towel until completely air-dried. Woven garments should be dry-cleaned.img_3383

I hope you enjoyed this post and happy International day of happiness to everyone as well! Stay tuned to more posts, like share, and subscribe by clicking the notify me button at the end of the post, but most importantly, stay safe!

Sincerely, Didi


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