Sheep in the big city!

What greater way to explore London than by the tube ?

The London underground is a system of electric trains running through the city. The shortest tube journey between two stations is about 260 metres. The longest underground escalator is Angel, at 60 metres with a vertical rise of 27.5. You can imagine having to lean backwards  for a couple minutes descending into the tube. Pretty exciting I must say! The tube’s logo is known as ” the roundel”  ( the red circle with he blue horizontal  sign)


First things first, I had to top up my oyster card ( a plastic smart card used as a pay as you go travel card on the bus and the train). Honestly, my skin was tingling with excitement because it was my first time to go exploring after going to London. It was a bonding exercise with my brother in law to be James and I must say it was the best experience ever.

At Trafalgar Square :



We had countless stop overs, but our main aim was to reach Buckingham palace before three o’clock because of the winter soltice. We switched several trains from Gipsy hill, South London to the city of Westminister, Central London where we walked around the beautiful city admiring the architecture and taking pictures and eating .

When we were going about in our business we went over this astounding artist who was advocating for a terrorism free world and her canvas was so intriguing and I had to capture that moment.


Not too far from where we were standing we came across this mind blowing guy who was literally floating! How could he possibly do that ? I love how Londoners are so warm and supporting. People would stop to clap, take pictures with him and give him change and for the artist as well, whose message was filled with tremendous talent.


At the square,  I saw the most interesting sculpture entitled “you”that receives a lot of insta-spiration from most Londoners  and tourists who visit the area.

The sculpture represents equality between human beings, as we as humans are constantly judged.

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The square is an absolute destination for visitors to London, holding cultural events, shows and other activities like the the amazing guy who was literally standing on air!

How beautiful is the busy city with the telephone booths and London buses all around ? I’ve always wanted to take a picture of the subway post and the background was just perfect for the picture! Notice the Uganda House by the left ? lol

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Since the darkness was creeping in and it was only three o’clock, we had to make our way to the palace.

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This is the Queen’s official home in London. This was the front side of the palace, where touring and photography is allowed.Just outside there was a grande garden where the Queen usually takes walk  but the darkness hid the beauty.At that point the cold was unbearable, and the cold licked my face and froze my fingers and feet, I almost couldn’t walk.

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This is the marble statue of Queen Victoria who had held the British throne longer than any other British monarch.

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I couldn’t leave without taking a picture by the booth, so I did. The tour was such a success and after we went for some  Chinese food and corn on a cob  and then we later watched a Spectre at the Vue. I was so pumped after having visited the scenes where parts of the movie was shot!! Like James Bond might have walked on where I had been walking!! lol

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   Sincerely, Didi



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