Happy new month everyone!

The fact that we like flowers has been of great exceptional use to the flowers. We even build special houses to raise them in places they cant survive! Whether you are on the  giving or receiving end, flowers bring such happiness that demonstrates delight and gratitude. They also make intimate connections with family and friends, so once in a while ,share the thought of love and joy!img_3949

I love this quote by Alphonse Karr, “some people grumble  that roses have thorns;I am grateful that thorns have roses.” It basically touches on being grateful,as gratitude has an inverse correlation with depression—the more grateful you are, the happier you are.This new month, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong. Love yourself, even a little bit each day, and your life will bloom into infinite joy.


I love flowers for sure and I must say, floral prints are a must have this blooming season. I especially adore this white spaghetti strap piece from boohoo with the lace detail at the edges.


There are several types of prints, and they all brighten up your look, so try and spot the kind you adore.With florals, you also have to keep in mind that accessories should go hand in hand with the look, as it is already outstanding without much jewelry so minimalism is key.

img_3966 For an effortless casual style, look to loose layering floral dresses. I love the free feel that it gives your body, the length is just right,so you don’t have to worry about exposing too much and it would be perfect for a picnic date at the park.


I paired this piece with black ballet lace ups that are to die… I love how they happily blend comfort with trend, chic with ease.These are total  must haves and they work on any budget.


I hope you enjoyed this short post. Stay tuned to more blog posts, but most importantly, stay safe.

101: Be the flower that blooms in adversity, be the most rare and most beautiful and live life in full bloom! 

To new beginnings !

     Sincerely, Didi.

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