Happy Sunday everyone!

I must say that I am truly grateful to have been in England during the sprouting of autumn and beginning of winter. The interesting cloud patterns, beautiful autumn leaves and all other aspects of nature tickle my fancy.

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The weather was mostly chilly, so when there was seemingly no awkward weather patterns in the sky, meaning the sun finally came out, I was down to go to the park with my soon to be  in-law, James.



Well, James usually says that the London sun is usually the remains from Africa because you never really feel the warmth. Its just good publicity for photo stardom.We walked up to the train station and took a train to the Crystal Place park, which was not so far from home.

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We had the park to ourselves save for the few who were jogging or walking their dogs. The beauty of Crystal Place is the dinosaurs. No other park in London has this much statutes from the deer that have huge antlers,crocodiles in the river, iguanas and the huge dinosaurs that almost look big enough to rear their heads right up and attack you. Scary stuff…


I wasn’t wearing the right shoes for hiking, so It was more of just sight seeing and photo stardom. I loved this bridge path ,where the river gently swooshes below and the quaking ducks by the river caught my attention.


I enjoyed watching the ducks waddle in the water following each other and doing splendid dives underwater.The weather begun to be a bit dodgy, and I was wondering how the heck those ducks survive in the icy cold water??

Be like the duck,calm on the surface, but always paddling like the  dickens underneath.img_4576

I was pretty satisfied with the events of the day,and all I was left to do was to thank mother nature for this candied-sweet view.


For the outfit details, I paired my blue jeans with a ‘I love London’ tee and cheetah printed flats.The weather wasn’t as bad, so you could get away with your hoodie or in my case just a  cotton coat that was warm enough for the changing weather and a blanket shoal that someone forcefully jacked from me … (You spot it? )

We left the Park and caught the train for more adventures and exploring the city and food ofcourse !

Many thanks to James for the amazing day .

Stay tuned for more blog posts,but most importantly , stay safe.
         Sincerely, Didi

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