I was thinking, why not kick-start the weekend with the little black dress?


Well, this essential that can pretty much take you anywhere is one of my closet fav! Word has it that the LBD wasn’t really formally identified as the shape of the future until 1926 when Vogue published a drawing of a Coco Chanel design…You can imagine the beauty then came the new uniform and closet staple for every lady of our time.


I am a lover of all things short,from skirts, dresses and shorts.Oh shorts! How I love the free feel , ease and comfort that I get from wearing these pieces. I had this dress in a suitcase somewhere and after a long time, I decided to pull it out and take this bad girl for a trip downtown.


I loved this look because it is very simple yet elegant and saucy at the same time.


The beauty of this cotton  dress is that its cut simply in an A-line structure and it’s quite short. I love the soft feel that it gives your body and the ability to actually breathe in it, considering it’s black and this damned Nairobi heat. (that I love ) In it’s own way, its a body con, hugging your body in all the right areas.


I strongly feel that short dresses and heels work well with tall ladies because in my opinion they were made for the runway…Don’t be afraid! Be bold! Wear that short dress or skirt, and be comfortable in your own skin!The trick is confidence, I love my body and I am never about to be shaken by how someone thinks of my choice of dressing.


With the LBD, you could style it the way you want it, depending on the occasion or the type of dress.I paired my dress with black ankle strap kitten heels and minimal accessories. You could wear it with a string of white pearls for that vintage and classy look. This look would be ideal for a cocktail, a date, a dinner, or a perfect night out over the weekend.. You name it!

Black is such a neutral colour ,and it goes with almost everything. Just almost! Find your perfect fit and dare to be different by stepping out of your norm.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more blog posts, but most importantly, stay safe.

Enjoy your weekend!


          Sincerely, Didi



3 thoughts on “THE LBD.”

    1. Awhhh! Don’t worry girl keep looking funny how I never saw the essence of it till I unstashed my suitcase and voila! It was there looking right at me !!!

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