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With the sun making a few appearances this season, I decided to add our stems to the fashion mix this summer .

Patterns and prints are all big business  this season , and I don’t think this trend is going to die down any time soon.

Big thanks to the hippies and peace lovers for this 60’s throw back, tie-dye.

Guys, you have to agree with me that this is one of the coolest trend yet to be outdone and fear not , I’m here to share some few tricks from my bag of tricks about prints.

 I bet some of you owned a few pieces from when you were younger so it’s time to dig deep and look for the pattern that best suits you.

With tie-dye, I’ve heard pretty much everything on how tie-dye on tie -dye is a definite NO-NO but that is short lived as we can see what magic happened here from mixing the two prints .

With tie-dye , it’s a love hate thing. It will either suit you or it won’t. Before getting the right piece, take baby steps and invest in small pieces that will slide effortlessly into your look, without raising eyebrows.

We do know how you lot like to dive in, so take it slow guys,start small with a neutral coloured tee and pair it with your shorts , ripped jeans or in my brother’s case , another print of tie-dye but ONLY and I repeat ONLY when your bold enough to explore different patterns and colours . It will definitely build up that confidence and maybe land you that fine fine girl you’ve been eyeing .

See how the colours blend in together ?

My brother paired his tee shirt from supply and demand with these insanely cool shorts and lastly he finished it off with a pair of blue trainers .

This look is casual and you could switch the shorts with a nice pair of jeans and blazer and killer shoes for that evening date with your special someone .

I hope you enjoyed this post , stay tuned and most importantly , stay safe .

S/O to  Alfie, my brother thanks b!


   Sincerely, Didi

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