Okay, am I the only one obsessed with the phrase “skrt” because I have been using this phrase since the sick chune came out and now it’s literally stuck in my mind…


It’s short,fitted and it’s LEATHER!!!! What’s not to love? From the moment I saw this baby on the mannicon I fell into a deep deep love. I especially loved the fact that it has some zip detail on the hips, so I literally had to close my eyes and dive as deep as my pockets could go  because it cost me quite the penny.



Leather on its own is a closet staple, be it jackets, skirts, dresses,pants, you name it! Buying one will surely pay off big time, since you can incorporate the piece into different looks, from work, dates or  a good weekend with the girls.


With the black mini fitted leather skirt, you could dress it from girly,rock glam ,sassy or smart, and I was going for a girly look with a bit of sass. For this mini, I strongly advise that you keep off from matching it with the same texture tiny  leather jacket and those thigh high heeled boots. You don’t want to come off as skimpy, now do you?


For a day at work, pair your leather mini with an oversized sweater and chic flats or booties, a white oversized  blouse and throw in your oversized cardigan over the look or a trench coat to keep it simple but official… There are so many options to work with, let’s get exploring!


You could still settle for an all leather look, but with a less fitted leather coat and some ankle boots or thigh high boots (you have to be careful with these though) .Wear light make up and messy hair for the ultimate look.img_3106

This look is perfect for a night out with the girls but I’d throw in my  oversized cardigan over my striped shirt for that spicy date . I’d do this to bring out the girly look and settle for a leather coat later in the evening …

Try out different combinations, the key is to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more blog posts, but most importantly, stay safe!     


Sincerely, Didi

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