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Okay, I am so glad that the weather at the moment is just perfect. Not too chilly, not too hot.

So in the spirits of being Dora, I thought I’d give you lot a 101 on how to dress for the park ,or a picnic or just  a girl who loves to explore and look good doing it!

 First of all you need to look for something comfortable ! My ultimate comfy piece is a pair of well fitted jeans that allow me to to atleast sit down without feeling like my stomach is about to explode ( anyone relate??)

I could also lean in for a pair of shorts , we all know how I love my shorts, but that’s a piece for another day …stay tuned 

Since our destination is the the park, A nice tank top would do with any pair of jeans or shorts. I love this black tank because of the ease to mix and match with several outfits, but a striped or coloured tank would also do the trick.

I tend to always be ready for whatever weather change , knowing our weather patterns so I threw in this army green coat that would go with some nice blue or black shorts and I must say,this coat is just to die. It brings in that jungle feel that we are most definitely looking for and blends in with all types of skin tones…

Hats have become the in thing this season, so I went for this green bucket hat from H&M that has been hiding in my closet for the longest time, and I thought it’s time for the world to take notice of my baby.. I figured a bucket hat would be great considering our goal is to look like quite the tourist basking in the sun enjoying each scenery that this beautiful nation has to offer …

For footwear,if your going for a hike exploring each part of the park or just a walk and good photo stardom, a nice pair of kicks would go well with shorts or jeans but I love these black doll shoes that are so comfortable and I figured if I wore the trainers that I have ,I’d kill the all girly and cute vibe …

Okay, that’s just about it from my bag of tricks! I hope you’ve learnt a few pointers on how to dress for a day at the park .

Do Stay tuned for more blog posts,but most importantly , stay safe!


    Sincerely, Didi

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