Rebel,rebellious,unruly,unamenable to something, unwilling to do. The beauty in vocabulary, is the birth of newer vocabs with deeper meanings.

I was actually inspired by Rihanna’s overall aura in this theme and her lotion line , “Rebelle” All that time It was right before me, each morning as I applied the heavenly spellbound skin lotion… I’m so glad I really saw it at this time, because it just opened up the end to the beginning of the new month…(if that makes any sense)

I saw how you could bring out the rebel (m) into a more feminine scenario. So let’s just say I’m empowering young ladies. I mean, you can’t say rebel, without the belle (fair /lovely one) and the Elle (which is she)  :rebelle , the outspoken, fair lady . That is how I see it. So ladies, we are rebelles ( who run this?)

Okay so back to reality now. Denim on denim has been a serious faux pas from that time in 2001 when Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake wore those matching denim catastrophe’s Burf!!!!  Where was fashion police when we needed them?? Thank God Riri came around and turned this perception upside down because she has been rocking the streets with several denim on denim pieces and of course, she was bomb dignity  in all those looks.

For this look,  I was going for looking to get dirty without compromising style really. Slowly, I’m becoming a sucker for all things denim and I ADORE these ripped up mom jeans that I made a while back (they are the definition of life itself) . I mixed up the different shades of denim to add that pop of colour to the look.

I paired these destroyed jeans with this black bralette that will be making a couple appearances on the blog because, (why not ) .

I went for this deep blue oversized denim shirt because I love playing around with colours and the shade just compliments the baby denim . I’d totally recommend such a shade as it’s easy to pair with anything other than a denim piece (You’re welcome)

Another inspo to this look was TheKylieJenner with her beanie’s and denim street style. I hold this black beanie close to my chest beacause it came in handy during the chilly July weather.

You want to be fierce , but still cute as hell, so who not wear your hair in pigtails?  That would definitely add the girl on the hunt for an adventure in the woods vibe.

For a while now , Riri  been the face of Puma and her creeper collection has been such a game changer because it is a must have this season, and I believe  many other seasons to come. I had these creepers back in 2012 , (I know!)  and my big sister got them for me from Babycham  and I had been  looking for the right time to wear them because no one really saw how bomb they were then but right now, it’s popping. lol

So grateful for having kept them all this time and as much as I’d love to own one of the  PUMA collections, these are so unique.

Lastly, accessorize !! Chains would be so cool but I didn’t want to go all gang banger so the rip on my thigh was accessory enough ( If you know what I mean ) . Go for a cute choker , necklace , bangles or anything that grabs the eyes, like this bomb ring that I’ve had for years.

I went for Posie K on the lips ,because it blends well with the nude colour of my lips . I’d go for the metallic that would just bring in the rebelle , but this was the better opt. ( who am I kidding??)  I chapped those lips for  sure!
I hope you enjoyed this long post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!

A big congratulations to Riri on winning the Vanguard award!!!!


  Sincerely, Didi

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