Okay, I think it was about time for me to get bodied. Don’t get me wrong though, no knives or male species involved. (or is there? )


When it comes to me and body suits, there’s a legitimate reason why you’d rarely find me in them. I find it to be such grave injustice, because I am one to explore and try out new things but there’s this one problem.


I appreciate the body hugging and simplicity when it comes to body suits, but picture this.I LITERALLY drink like ten litres of water a day, and they are more like wearing  one piece costumes, only that I’ll have to wear it all day all through the three classes I have in a day.


I’m not done, do I really seem like the person to button my crotch together before buttoning pants ten times a day? Actually I am. I actually am that person. Atleast that day I was.


When wearing a body suit, you have to be very careful. Pick the right jeans, you really don’t want to be the girl with the VPL. ( awkwaaaaard! ) It doesn’t matter how “barely visible it is, you can only see it from one side visible, in certain light visible, did you see that? oh wait now I see it visible”. BLURR ALL THE VISIBLE PANTY LINES!!!! They are a definite no-no.


Okay now let’s get bodied! I paired this cute body suit that I casually hand-picked from my sister’s closet with these blue high waist jeans that really complimented each other. Well, most body suits are in nudes, black and lace but there was something about this bubbly body suit that just depicted my personality so I loved it.


For the ultimate school girl look, sneakers are always a good opt. I wore these white ‘red’ sneaks that I have had since forever, but some doll shoes would also do the trick.(speaking of school, that’s just the OMG I’ve just seen my crush and I can’t breathe look)


I know! I know, I talk too much… So lastly, accessorize with your closet staples, for me it’s my watch and everyday chain, (though I’m starting to think I need a new one.) I accept all gifts.


Try out the wide range of body suit designs , with skirts, shorts , jeans, you name it! And DO remember to minimize on water intake because It can get a little tricky with the unbuttoning every ten minutes. I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi

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