That’s the moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the reality of Monday kicks in.But what do you do ? You stand strong and get bikini ready because the sun waits for no man! Really and truly.

I would kill to get back to this stress free relaxation mode.

When picking bikini’s always look for comfort. Don’t dive into the in-endings when you know you’re skin isn’t ready for that because-tan!!
I opted for this beach themed high waisted bikini because vintage just brings the waves in.

Anything High waisted takes me back to the 90’s where all the magic happened.

I really loved spending some time by the beach just taking in all the beauty and vastness of the ocean and I was in awe the whole time!

I couldn’t have left without makin my mark , so hello there tumblr! (Okay I don’t know why but pineapples are just bomb diggity )

The Coast is really my number one go to when it comes to relaxing because of the never-ending sunsets and beautiful coconut trees. I love every other thing in those lines.

A good old smonday should end on a good note featuring food of course! So I indulged in our local Ugali and Kachumbari that just set my taste buds in fire!

What is  ultimate relaxation to you??

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!

Sincerely, Didi

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