Welcome to November and major S/O to all November babies out there!! – don’t play yourselves!

Well! November usually begins with the hot and dry onsets but ends with some little showers that have already begun making low key appearances but what the heck ! It’s always fun in the sun for me!

For all the babes out there looking to sail away in the depths of the ocean sipping on drinks! Sipping on drinks! Well this is the time!  I suggest you get up and packing.

I’d totally throw in a good word for Mombasa because the weather is never too shabby up there.

This is the perfect time to travel , relax and just feel all around you. I mean how amazing is this view!! Please take me back!

Travel essentials: 

I would never go anywhere without my phone because it’s my camera substitute.

Sunscreen! You better pack some if your not ready for a tan.

Sun hats! It can get really hot sometimes so shielding yourself with a cute sun hat can just do the trick.

Power bank! There is no way I’d go anywhere without that. I can’t even start to explain what a major key this is.

While your at it, your probably going  to need to pack all the sun dresses, shorts and sandals you can get .

For this day, just walking around the beach and sharing a meal with my family, I decided to settle for this minimal but fun outfit.

I wore these grey shorts that gave a really special place in my heart and paired them with this fitted striped top.

The look was a bit dull, so I threw over this kimono that just brought in a pop of colour to the entire outfit.

Sandals are my definite go to when it comes to comfort, so these brown gems just came in handy with the casual feel.

I love this look because it’s so simple and very comfy as well.

If you feel not ready for some shorts, you could still opt for the knee length shorts which would still look amazing with a nice accent piece.

Accesorize with a nice bag and you’ll be good to go! A walk through the sandy beaches would be such a breather to me right now!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi 

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