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I’ve been so afro-inspired of late which is why if y’all have been following my socials, you’d notice that I have rocked my natural hair for a long time now. But maybe its also because I have no idea of what to do to my hair, (pls halp)


Let’s get inspired guys! It’s November and the least I could have done was show case my mane.


Gingham pieces have become such a crucial closet staple since they can be incorporated into any outfit. I love this shirt because of the soft cotton feel, and we know how that can be such a life saver on a cold night out.


I generally love how the checks are popping everywhere,in various brightly coloured patterns to pick from, but personally I feel like the red , blue and black pop better than just the plain white’s and blues.


For this look, I was going for a fun and simple look and I think these denim shorts did some major justice for my look.


I made these shorts myself, by making  a clean cut after folding the jeans that I cut them from, then after I decided to rip them up a bit to bring in some edge.


Bralettes have also made such great appearances on the fashion market, and I thrifted this lace gem for only Ksh.200/= (I know right). A black vest would also fit in the outfit as it can easily be paired with the gingham shirt, but I obviously opted for some skin because… why not?


Shorts are so easy to dress, as you can wear them with anything but if you aren’t as comfortable in them, heck! You could ditch them for a pair of blue or black skinnies and they would blend right in with the look.


For the shoes, I went for these plimsoles that are available in ‘Toi market’and anywhere in Nairobi town if you’d happen to be walking in the evening. I recently discovered that it is the best time to thrift sneakers and nice skinny jeans in the city.


I was really satisfied with the outcome of the entire outfit as it was simple, casual and still cute as hell. So, score!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi

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