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It’s finally December guys and I’m super excited because, Christmas!!!!I literally have been waiting for the last half of the year since forever, because I just need a fresh start. Things haven’t been a walk in the park this past month but in tough times, you have to keep your head up  and be okay anyway.


What I usually do when I’m surrounded by a couple hardships, is that I surround myself with people who bring such joy to me and those who love to see me flourish in laughter and light. (we all know how I love to laugh)Us 90’s girls need to stick up for each other! One way I usually deal with feeling low is by looking good. When you aren’t yourself, the worst thing to do is to let those who brought you down see you go under. Girl, you better wake up and kill them with your wing eye liner and bomb ass outfits because you can.


For this look, I was inspired by the 90’s vibe so I paired this big tee that I took from my dad’s closet with these amazing mom jeans and a green belt to go. The belt was an added accessory to hold it down for me. For the shoes, these vintage buckled up grandma shoes just spoke fluent vintage so I thought, why not?


Drum roll please!! The long awaited hair post is here, featuring the flick of my wrist. To achieve the ultimate 90’s look, an afro would be the best fit. Here is how I achieved this luscious fro. (you’re welcome)


To achieve this look, first you have to wet your hair.This enables your roots to be all moistened up and makes it easier to finger comb.

After that I usually oil my entire head in sections. My favourite products to use is a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil that are all available in all supermarkets at affordable prices.Oiling your scalp is a crucial part of this process because you really want that glow now, don’t you?


I follow with sectioning my hair again into small portions and twisting them and curling round the twist out so that it looks like a bantu knot. You could tie the ends with a band if you have softer hair that might detangle.When you’re done with your entire head, cover your head with a silk wrap, go to sleep and wake up the next morning with a head full of curls!!It’s that simple! Detangle the knots and twists then separate them all to fluff out the fro and VOILA! There you have it! A luscious 90’s fro.


All good posts end with a laugh. I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe.

PS : I’m starting a you tube  channel soon where I can share these tutorials, hauls and chitchat sessions with me so stay tuned and have a happy Sunday!


Sincerely, Didi



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