Finger coils

Happy holidays!!

So on this post I’m going to share some insights on styling your natural hair.


My hair  texture (4c) has such an advantage with styling because it’s really thick &volumptuos and the coarseness allows the style to stick .


Most African hair is of this type but if your  hair is soft , fear not everything still works .


I love styling my hair in finger coils when I really don’t want to touch my hair over the week , as it lasts me a week or even more if you take care of it.

This is how to achieve the coils :

  1. Once you wet your hair/ from washing , take your hair strand by strand , with the thickness of your choice (small is better to achieve long lasting coils )and apply oil to your scalp and using moisturiser or leave in conditioner , take the strand of hair from the root and twirl your finger till the end of the hair . Once you reach the end of the hair , twist the end with your finger to secure the ends.
  2. I was looking to secure some bangs so at the front I finger coiled my hair toward my forehead after sectioning the portion which I wanted as a bangs .
  3. Do step one repeatedly until you complete your entire head.
  4. Once that is done , you can tie your hair in a scarf , go to bed and prepare for the next day.
  5. Undo the scarf then your good to go! It’s that simple .

If you prefer a Mohawk kind of look you can use bobby pins to pin the sides of your hair .


This is literally my go to when I’m really not in the mood to do much with my hair .

To keep the coils ,always tie a satin scarf on your head before bed , oil your hair in intervals of two days so as to keep it glowing.


The coils are a little rusty but it’s because they were on for over two weeks .


 I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more , but most importantly,stay safe!

Ps: I started my you tube channel and I can’t wait to start sharing my hair routine , fashion hauls , vlogs and more .

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