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So its January and this means back to school for the oldies or a brand new experience for the January intake freshmen all together. I’ve been at it for a year now so I’m a proud sophomore/second year student. Last year taught me so much and I gathered a few pointers and I’m here to help those of you who have just started out. WELCOME TO UNI LIFE!!


I know the first thing that we all get excited about is the freedom we have but for you to survive , you need to be smart about everything. In your first semester, make sure you ace all your general courses so that in future when things get tough, your GPA will still be in check because of the great start you had.

Do not miss classes aimlessly because you can choose to go or not to. Make sure its a valid reason, say you’re sick or something in those lines. Even when you wake up late, rush the hell up because its better to grasp a few things than nothing at all. I mean , don’t you find it strange to be in the house doing absolutely nothing , chilling with friends (who probably already went to class or don’t have a class that day) while class is in session? Think about it, its oddly strange.

When it comes to assignments, I know I struggle a lot so a good thing would be to start them early so as to avoid last minute escapades that lead to almost nothings. lol

Another thing I learnt is that if you want to be in check in class, always try and read before the class or the night before so that everything just flows instead of floating around and looking clueless or being asked a question and you sadly can’t answer.


College is the best place to discover yourself. You get so much time to yourself, you start thinking,feeling and sometimes just listen to your inner goddess. Look at me now! I listened and followed what I love doing .

Make new friends. You don’t have to let your old friends go, I’ve been tagging mine since eight years ago and were doing pretty great. Be nice to everyone. Even when you are in a bad mood, never let that negative energy pour out to others. Personally I hate it when someone does that to me. I love being happy. I am  happy child. Happiness is me. I am IT.

For starters, you could start by saying hi to people around you, talking to your classmates or just smiling at everyone , throwing happiness and love like confetti. It really makes someones’s day when you make them smile, who knows it might be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Engage. Let the people around you know what you are about. You can’t be an upcoming instrumentalist, blogger, artist, model and you don’t share your works with those around you. People in the same age group think alike so they might just love what you do and continue to support you and that way you can grow!


College is a place where you are free to do all that you can and flourish. Don’t take things too seriously. Just because you were hanging out during orientation week doesn’t mean you’re  going to be friends for life. You don’t have to spend half the day trying to read when you’re straight up exhausted. You don’t have to please everybody because you want them to like you. It’s never that serious. You can actually keep a small circle, have a great time with them than forcing issues with 100 people who are just in it for the thrill.


Okay okay well we all know how parents think you’re scholars studying in school while in reality you’re just unemployed alcoholics living off of your parents. NO TO THE NO NO! It’s so not cute when you drink excessively, can’t even handle yourself, you start revealing things about yourself, start mouthing random strangers  especially for girls. It is not LADY LIKE.

I hate seeing girls staggering on roads almost getting hit by cars because they are so ‘LIT’ Yo! Being lit should be a nice thing. Drink responsibly, once twice or a week maybe handle your drink well. Do not be ratchet about it .

Also we really need to quit saying how you’re ready to f***k up some livers. Really now? How is it okay to say that and be calm about it. Some jokes are really not it. Someone might be actually sick somewhere but here’s a youngin trying to kill themselves by drenching their livers in alcohol.

Try some steady sipping with the girls or boys , with nice music, food and just relax. That’s tots ridic'(ridiculously amazing!!) lol


Don’t get caught up. That’s all I’m saying.

Yes there are some cute boys in college. (yes boys) But before you do anything, think through it. I’m not clustering all guys to be the same but most of them just want to have fun so you might get your hopes up thinking you’ve met the perfect match yada yada then BOOM.

If you ever find yourself having second thoughts if he’s cheating or if he’s just playing you , girl RUN. Trust your gut. But then again you can’t say you’ve been in college if you’re crush hasn’t broken your pretty little heart. It’s actually a right of passage. It must happen, just prepare for it.

Do not be on his finger tips. One thing you need to know is that these people are  not men. They are young men , there’s a difference. Well some can be genuine and actually interested in relationships but honey, take it slow. Good things take time. Just like you they are there to experiment. So if there’s another pretty little thing other than you, why not have a side?

Do not play wifey. They take advantage sometimes knowing you’ll always be there. Bryson Tiller voice- DON’T!

They are never interested in serious relationships but if they really like you, they will commit to you. Be the exception, be nice even when they might have done you dirty. Whatever happened  doesn’t mean you’re not worthy. Its only that he’s blind enough not to see what a gem you are. Do not run when you see him, do not get back at him through his best friend.Just do you, be nice it never gets out of style. Sooner or later it will hurt him to know that you were kind to him and he walked over you. Your’re best revenge should be your success.

Some of them can be indeed grown ass men and you might not know how to handle that. Just take it easy. You’re young. Go live it up with your friends, have sleepovers and jam to chainsmoker songs and J- Cole songs because that’s what you can handle.


Really and truly girls never dress up to impress boys, they do it to impress other girls because there is no way a guy would tell  his bro’s ” she’s ugly but that purse though, I had to smash” . True story.

Find out what it is that makes you comfortable, for me its shorts and jeans or basically everything lol. Do not mind if people say you’re slutty just because you wear shorts. It isn’t their problem. You look good that’s why they talk b.

Make sure you look good everyday because  you never know . You might just meet your man ting on a random day. JK JK but for real you might just get an invite for a date in the day, and it’s better to always be ready.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learnt a few things. Do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe.

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Happy sunday!


Sincerely, Didi


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