90’s revamped part 1


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Well we all know how fashion is just a cycle that keeps going and coming but I love love how we are embracing everything from the 90’s, after all, I am a 90’s kid. Might as well  seen what it would have been being a teenager in them times.



The main fashion picks of all time were everything in the lines of crop tops, over-sized everything, platform sneakers,mom jeans and big hair do’s. I decided to do a revamp because , why not??


Polyester, a polythene light material was mostly worn in the 80’s and early 90’s from shirts, pants, tracksuit tops and bottoms so my friend Fred from so you like fashion and I decided to go for this polyester themed look. He went for this wholesome vintage pick that was a tracksuit top and bottom and paired it with a white turtle neck, revamping the whole 80’s vibe to a more modern look. Most sneakers were platformed but he went for a high top Nike pick that blended well with his look. Colour scheme on check!!



CASH ME OUTSIDE! HOW BOUT DAT?! I am so into this song right now, it’s crazy. As i mentioned earlier, the 90’s picks were a definite mom jean, crop top, oversized denim or polyester shirts ,jackets and platform sneakers, so I did a major revamp.


I opted for a striped crop top because I realized I have a small torso and very very long luscious legs. You can definitely call me daddy…Daddy long legs. So if you are like me, then stripes should be your best friend because they tend to accentuate your torso.


With the 90’s it was all about attitude so yup! I was on it! I paired the striped crop with this brownish- camel inspired polyester jacket that has literally been in existence since the day I was born. Thanks mom. This was a bit modern in the sense that the camel coat has been trending from here to the Sahara.



High- waisted mom jeans were a definite go to in the 90’s so I opted for these blue mom jeans that are so thrifted and they cuff me in all the right areas. #mymilkshake #buns



Just incase you did not see the buns,  here’s a better view. #curvesoncheck


I wasn’t really feeling the platform sneakers, or maybe I just don’t own a pair so I did my own edition of sneakers featuring Kanye West with the boosts. #supercomfy


Did I mention that the 90’s was all about sauce and swerve? Yeah I did. Finish off the look by swerving a whole 360 because you can. And top it off with a half up half down bun because your hair is a major accessory. #bad&…

PS: Part two of 90’s revamped soon come. If you enjoyed this I think you’ll defo enjoy me on camera as well, so check out my you tube channel as well , the icon on the socials will directly lead you to my channel or just click here:

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