I seriously can’t take all this in!!!! Exactly a year ago today, I did my first blog post!! I was so excited to start my blogging journey and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who played part in helping me be where I am today.

First of all, I couldn’t have done this without God. I remember it was during December of 2015  that I was trying to come up with a name for my blog. It was really really hard I must say, which is why I decided to sit down and pray about it.

I went before God and asked for guidance and for a sign and I went to bed . The next morning as I woke up, I was so happy for some reason. I sat up prayed again and felt as if I was waved with the name right in front of my face.

‘Sincerely, Didi’ I kept on replaying it in my head and I was pretty excited for that. It all unraveled to me. I had been praying for something unique, something that depicts me, shows who I truly am ( this happy happy girl) and that would be easy to remember and engaging to my readers.

I was happy with the name because my idea was to be able to write as if I’m talking to my close friend, sharing my ador to fashion in a way that you can relate. It was like my style diaries but in the form of a journal or letter.

I must say, the journey has been great. I started with a bang and I assure you that my bang theory is only at the beginning. Watch this space. You guys welcomed me warmly and related with my sense of fashion and I couldn’t ask for a better crowd. You are literally the building blocks of Sincerely, Didi .

I really have so much thoughts that I’d love to pen down but I just want to do  12 month reflective series on how my life has generally been so that you can get a rough idea.

  1. January- I came back to Kenya from London and immediately started uni the next day. (crazy right?)
  2. February- I started my whole blogging experience and I was a  month into uni and loving it. I literally was excited to be in school with my best friend, and I had my first crush experience.
  3. March- Hmm.. the process of trying to persuade my very very old fashioned and conservative but yet so amazing parents to move out so that I can “study well.” #making moves
  4. April- First spring break from uni , I went on several shoots so that I could save time instead of doing weekly shoots for the blog #planning on lock.
  5. May- After five months of persuasion and several  late arrivals home, my parents finally let me move out #freedom! Also I turned 20 and I was pretty pumped I mean, halfway through forty right?
  6. June- Second semester into uni and I was basically just trying to stay afloat. I mean, one minute I’m living it up with my friends, the next I’m packed with four assignments, three cats and two term papers to do.
  7. July- I really loved July because it was all about daddy. On the 4th was his birthday, then the 6th was his 30th wedding anniversary with my beautiful mommy (see him making moves) and then he retired from work and is now just chilling haha. 
  8. August- Hmm… I was basically just relaxing and unwinding with the fam, so I went to Kisumu then Mombasa, where I even ditched a week of school come September when we were resuming Fall Semester because #badmind
  9. September- I started getting confidence then, and begun speaking to lots of random people about my blog in school, and every other place that had  human beings. I also made so many new friends.
  10. October- WOW. This was really it for me. I experienced so many beautiful things that were so sentimental for me, I won the True Love’s readers challenge on the cancer awareness month and attended their champagne breakfast where I got to meet so many people including my inspiration, Janet Mbugua. It was also high key the beginning of the last quarter of the year where I hit rock bottom, emotionally.
  11. November- Again, WOW. It started so well, I was generally very happy getting to discover myself and the people I care about .I then begun my you tube channel that I was meant to start after having the right filming gear in mid 2017, but I decided to push it early because, why Wait?
  12. December- I was really trying to hold myself together , balancing between me, my friends, school, you tube , my journalist page on Instagram (ootd Kenya ) and life basically. I then went to Arusha for a short break , went to Kisumu immediately after then started filming for my channel.

Woah! That was a good 12 month  general highlights of my year. I’m so thankful for all that have been with me through this journey, you lot are bomb. I promise to keep the content coming, share more and if you have any suggestions for my you tube videos, blog, questions,comment below. 

Looking back, last year taught me so much  but what I really enjoyed was discovering who I really am. Discovering that you can pull through anything by always involving God in what you do. #blessed

Thank you so much for sharing in my journey, It feels so great having to have reached this far, Sincerely, Didi my baby has turned one!!! and for always holding it down. I can’t wait to shake 2017 down. I love you all so much. Remember to always be you, be true and be beautiful while you’re at it.


Sincerely, Didi

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  1. Happy anniversary to a year well spent and dedication on what your achievement may be a dream but your surely breathe prosperity in every stride and every single day you enjoy your blogging. May God see you through and blless you all the way up. ??

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