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Other than  my great adore to fashion, I also do enjoy cooking and trying out new foods and recipe’s with my inspo being Kaluhi, from https://www.instagram.com/kaluhiskitchen/ and I’m not as great as she is, but I do love to learn.

This being my first post on my cooking with Didi section , I decided to share with you my quick go to college recipe’s after your requests on instagram.

I love cooking in the oven but since I don’t have one in my house , I’ll share my baked food recipes when I go home. (safe to say my parent’s house )

The quickest ways to reach someone’s heart is through the stomach and this meal will get you just that. I was home from gym and I needed a quick do before I completely indulge in my assignments, okay maybe a movie so I opted for rice and tuna.

I never actually made it before, but I just made do with what I had and tried to come up with a meal.



2 cups of rice ( I love making my dinner and lunch so that I don’t suffer with cooking three times a day)

A tin of canned tuna ( available at Nakumatt)

A can of sweet corn

One tablespoon of Royco mchuzi mix

One tablespoon of Tomato paste

1 glass of Coconut powder stirred with warm water

I tablespoon of Thyme

I tablespoon of Parsley leaves

1/2 a tablespoon of black pepper

1 tablespoon of Corriander powder

1/2 tablespoon of White pepper

1/2 tablespoon of Tumeric powder

3 cloves of garlic grated / garlic powder

A slice of ginger grated

Soy sauce


Salt to taste

One tomato chopped

Half an onion chopped


Wash your rice, then boil three cups of water in a sufuria, and as you wait for the water to boil, mix your coconut powder into a cup of warm water to bring a consistent mixture.

Add pinch of salt into the boiling water then follow up with your rice and some vegetable oil. Once that’s done you can now add in your coconut milk mixture and sweet corn and let it all cook together.Let it cook on low heat and after about twenty minutes, or until the water in the rice is done and your kitchen is filled with the sweet sweet aroma of coconut rice , begin to SMILE. (After you turn off the gas though)

Get a separate  pan, pour some vegetable oil on low heat ( not too much because again you don’t want to be drenched in oils). Add your grated garlic & onions and let them fry until golden brown. Throw in your tomatoes and tomato paste and continue stirring. While you’re at it add your spices; garlic powder, black pepper, thyme, parsely, royco, corriander, tumeric & salt.

( next time ill include pictures of how it should look)

You don’t want your spices to stick on the sufuria, so now you should work pretty fast. Add in your canned tuna and start stirring. After about five minutes, using a bigger sufuria, pour your coconut and sweet corn rice into the sufuria, add in your fried tuna and mix it all together with a fork because you don’t want the rice to look like Ugali.

Pour over the amount of Soy sauce you would love, I personally do not love too much of it, so I pour in the soy sauce with the shape of a love  heart over the food and that’s enough for me.

Cover for five minutes, stirr once more with a fork and serve!!

I added some ketchup because I love Kecthup and served it with some juice!!

This is a quick meal when you’re home late from shenan’s but you still are in dire need of stomach satisfaction. I hope you enjoy this meal as you try it, and I’ll be sure to post more with inclusions of step by step pictures of what it should look like.


Sincerely, Didi



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