21 reasons & tid bits

I only came here to give you my 21 reasons why I keep smiling everyday:

  1. I’m forever surrounded by people who love me and want to see the best in me .
  2. I am blessed to have older siblings who always look out for me and help me through my battles.
  3. I have been gifted with the privilege of life & I’m so glad to have clocked 21, my peak .
  4. I have met so many new people in my life and they each play different roles & give me life lessons .
  5. I have found my path and what I love doing and I plan to be the best at it.
  6. I have amazing best friends who have come from so far with me and I’m glad they’re all In the running.
  7. I started working as a columnist a while ago and I couldn’t  be more proud of myself.
  8. As my readers you support me in all my paths from blogging &I now onto YouTube and I love the support I’m getting .
  9. I have great support from both my parents who literally help me in my journey, guide me and love me unconditionally.
  10. I’ve  found love. Love of self most especially and maybe just maybe might stretch it out .

10 things you don’t know about me :

  1. I like to do things with my own way and I learn so fast. I.e making my hair , cooking, trying out new things .
  2. I’m very shy. I still stumble on my words when I meet someone for the first time but it’s improving over time.
  3. I have a slight lisp. You might not notice it when i talk but I actually do .
  4. I’m very flexible I think, and I recently discovered my love for yoga so I moved into practicing yoga. 
  5. My nostrils shakes a lot  when  I laugh .
  6. I’m afraid of boys. I don’t know why but the male species scare me.
  7. I have pink lips. Lol I actually have the thickest lips in my family and I hated them but now I really love the fullness and colour.
  8. Oh and about my lips I actually have a small hole in my lips just like the one that snakes have . You know the small space where they remove their tongues and hiss? Yup I have one of those .
  9. I am very hairy. It’s crazy.
  10. Everytime I drink whiskey or vodka I wake up the next morning with a smooth face . Should do that more often.


Sincerely, Didi


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