It’s a new month loves!! Onto the favourable next.

I legit woke up on a high note and got inspired by men’s flairs , I mean we all are in one way or the other. So I happened to grab myself one of these striped over-sized man shirts and turned it into a flirty affair.

First of all I’m so in love with the off shoulder trend, So I had to switch up the basic plain shirt into something more edgier. When wearing such shirts, an over-sized fit should be your go to, because they’re way more comfier and the message gets passed across, real quick.  By that I mean, it’s obviously not yours but hey!

Another tip with such would be confidence you know. If you love Kendall Jenner & bad gal Riri then you of course know what I mean. No bra under the shirt please.

Since the shirt was a loose fit & I somewhat needed some protection just in case, I cinched up with this green belt just to add some colour to the look .

I paired the shirt with plain denim jeans and added my favourite pair of heels . Perfect way to transform his shirt into a more sophisticated affair don’t you think?


Sincerely, Didi

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