It’s already close to the bikini season, holiday’s and trips already being planned and whatnot but the major key here is being confident in your skin. (I had actually posted a video on my Youtube channel on body image, gaining body confidence and dealing with insecurities so this is just a small write up and inspo. )

For this post, bikini ready or not, Kimono’s should be your best friend this season. They can be great cover-ups if you’re wearing that low cut bikini , although there’s no such thing as showing too much skin in my world.

I generally love this low cut pick and you’ve probably seen it before but I mean if Kate Middleton doesn’t shy away from her favourite closet picks, why should I?  I paired my two piece bikini with this floral kimono and I love how super flattering they make you feel.

Pairing your bikini with a kimono is a good old get away from wrapping up in a towel and killing all the shine. It can be great when your casually chilling by the poolside or the beach , on a picnic right before you dip or if you’re just the casual sun bather.

Another reason I am most definitely in love with kimono’s is the boho chic feel that it pours over an outfit. Whatever it i your wearing, bikini or not , the flowy feel and open cut front just brings summer and coachella vibes that also speak fluent comfort.

So you know what! Bikini ready or not you need to slay in  your two piece because your confidence is key girl!! Bikini’s weren’t necessarily made for one body type & trust me there’s so much power in difference! We all have different bodies and our flaws define who we truly are. Beautiful beings.


Almost slipped my mind. Do not forget that SPF!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more, but most importantly, stay safe.


Sincerely, Didi

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