The college girl

Happy new month loves!! Halfway through the year already and I’m still shocked on how the days are going by so fast.

Well for starters I know one of my resolutions was achieved,  #forever trendy!

As a college girl, there’s only one thing on our minds . Two actually .

  1. To have a closet full of clothes
  2. A cute guy by her side to match

My daily closet picks are defo some jeans, sneakers, cropped tees, plain tees , tanks & shorts. Basically summer  all day everyday!

Even with a closet full of clothes We still never find anything to wear. The conundrum I had that morning trying to find an outfit was just detrimental. I finally landed this denim on denim look with some velvet accent piece. Im so in love with this patched denim with pink detail and the oversize factor just had me from the word go.

I went for my denim skinnies and paired them with this velvet crop top that I thrifted (You can watch my thrifted items here )

Umm what’s a college girl without a classic pair of sneaks?  These maroon converse are my fav pair of shoe at the moment and they’re  defo so cute.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do stay tuned for more & most importantly , stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi

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