Comfy knits

This is the first January that begun on a rather chilly note , so comfy knits are my definite go to .

Especially now that school is back in session and the mornings  are rather breezy , I’d be clinging on this comfy knit  for a while .

 I wouldn’t say I’m super ready for this new semester but I’m definitely all sorts of fashion ready in my go to sneaks & jeans .

Incase it gets too chilly, I would do quite okay cracking a few cold ones here and there . #muchneeded

I paired this comfy knit with my striped tank top , the perfect go to piece that goes with all my wardrobe pieces.

I’m almost feeling sorry for these unfinished ripped jeans & converse that’s have been my all time college staples. I literally wear them all the time because of how comfy they are & how they get on quite okay .

You know I couldn’t go without a few Accesories so this neck piece added the edge I needed  for the look & the bag brought in the #collegevibes

Thanks for stopping by to today! Gotta run to class now !!

I hope you enjoyed this  post, do stay tuned for  more & most importantly, stay safe !


Sincerely, Didi

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