So a couple of weekends ago, maybe even months , I took a short trip to Diani and ofcourse I came along with my favourite bikini set.

Im a huge fun of colour and print , and this two piece came in the right hues so it  had to be part of my collection.

I was really feeling these pink vibes featuring the endless coastline , something I’d really love to be doing at this moment .

You know I’m starting to think I should have carried a sun hat , but the morning sun  was just right .

Of all the sandy beaches and coastlines, Diani you have my heart! You can watch my full Diani experience in this VLOGand join the fun!

I really love how this two piece  brought out my skin tone & I couldn’t be more thankful to H&M for having amazing swimwear!!

And  if you know  me, you know my love for pink pastels is never ending so I loved this warm floral pink low cut bikini on me .

That’s it for today! Thanks for stopping by!Don’t  forget to come back next Monday , I hope you enjoyed this short post & most importantly stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi

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