2018 So Far

With the first quarter of the year almost over , have you  managed to actually get through some of your short term goals this year??

One thing I really wanted to do this year was to explore more spaces in Nairobi & I’m still on my way there.

This weeks stop was Stack & Squeeze at Lavington best known for fresh juices , shakes & sandwiches. I fell in love with the cute wall hangings in every other wall. This in particular makes so much sense .

Another goal I had this year was to make purposeful content and improve my writing & can connect more with you & still throw over some fashion tips. 2018 has been so amazing so far & I’m  loving the journey and I’m learning something new every day !

If I could choose my happy place , it would be this restaurant , sipping on some strawberry shake with a sandwich on the side .

In case your wondering , the price ranges for the sandwiches were a bit on the higher side and I hadn’t checked the portions , but from the taste of the shake I had & the satisfaction that followed , I defo would love to go back & have a taste .

Also because I have been really trying to improve my eating habits I opted for this slurp and it made me sooo full! After that I didn’t have any space left for something on the side .

Because it was a simple juice date with my girl Jess, I opted for a casual look ofcourse . Paired my striped crew neck top with my all time fav jeans that I’m pretty sure you’re getting tired of seeing but heck! I added he floral kimono to add some colour and ofcourse went for my gladiator sandals because this Nairobi heat!

Close ups can never fail me so here’s one ! Oh I almost forgot , I’ve been really obsessed with this bag of late because I literally can throw almost anything in there and it’s also very simple and stylish .

That’s  all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post & I’ll catch up with you next week!

Happy new month !


Sincerely, Didi


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