My Year of Firsts !

Is it really?

I  think it most  definitely is  . I started out the year with one of my goals being to better myself , spend more time alone , exploring and learning new things and this was one of those days .

I took my self out for the first time and I’ve been  loving these solo dates. I stopped   by News cafe for an early morning mocha with a good read. I’ve also been trying to read a book a month and although I’m still on my firs one , I’m pretty happy with the effort I’ve been putting.

Its amazing how we can still flourish in our own company and that was my feeling that day. I even managed to talk to the lovely waitress at News Cafe and asked her to take a picture of me. She did a great job right !

Guess who got invited to an event for the second time this year ?

Thats right ! Mikalla Woman , a natural hair company with the most amazing products with affordability invited me to a golfing event at Nairobi Vet Lab.

The sole purpose of the event was to celebrate the strides men and women have made in golf at a tournament and I loved the experience.

Yup! Your girl can play golf ! I never really thought I’d ever have interest in this sport but the experience was so great and I’m looking forward to another session!

I strapped myself in golfing gear and I went for this pinkish earth toned polo shirt with some cotton ankle glazers. They had that khaki feel so I know I followed the dress code ! To make it more sporty I added my cap and these sneakers that I’ve  had for so long !

Mikalla had their stand there as well to showcase their products but you will get to see them in detail in my  next vlog on my YouTube Channel.

After an hour of learning how to play golf and mingling with the other ladies and gentlemen, Mikalla woman were so hospitable and offered the guests lunch of their choice!

I opted for a chicken sandwich with some potatoes and had a glass of dry wine on the side . I’ve also been trying to explore more wine , so If you know of a great wine  tasting event , let me know in the comments !

That’s it for today! Thanks for stopping by , & I’ll see you next week!


Sincerely, Didi

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