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Because this is the last Monday of the month , I wanted to end it on a rather savory note. So the past weekend, I stopped by Nyama Mama for a quick lunch and I wanted to share with you my experience.

 I was essentially excited to try Nyama mama out and I happened to pass by the one at Yaya Centre.( There are two other locations, Nyama Mama Delta and the one at Village market .) From all the buzz I’ve been hearing about the restaurant and its famous ambiance, I was in for a culture shock when I didn’t see the afro-inspired decor that has been making it on all my social media feeds.

Regardless, I was welcomed warmly and because of my ever so inquisitive traits , I had to ask about the ambiance. It was made clear that the Mall was in charge of the spaces allocated to each restaurant /business so the theme had to be in line with the mall. All the other surrounding restaurants had the same minimalist theme but  Mama had its own touch of vibrancy and I was in love with the printed wall at the back!

For my outfit, I was trying to go smart-casual so I paired my striped shirt with this green blazer and boyfriend jeans. I hardly wear blazers so this was definitely a first for me. ( Omg didn’t I not address this being my year of firsts  last week on my Blog Post ? )

In terms of how busy the restaurant gets, as its name suggests, its an express restaurant perfect for take out and dining. The services were really fast as well  and that made me happy because who in 2018 wants to wait for their food for thirty minutes?

Mama has the one of the best shakes I’ve ever had and I tried out their famous mint and white chocolate shake that was super heavenly! I loved how well balanced out the shake was, not too sweet and not too minty. It was just right.

To warm up my stomach , the starter meal was a plate of spicy Ugali fries with garlic sauce and I must say, I was slightly skeptical about it. Mama is known for the unique African touch to the dishes so this one was definitely  one for the books and I was very impressed by the meal. I can’t wait to share the vlog on my YouTube Channel !

What followed was trying out the Chapati Quesadillas served with kachumbari and guacamole with a side of fries that my best friend had. For me, I opted for the glazed half rack of BBQ pork chops with mokimo that I have never tried since my childhood and I loved the flavours of the milk and butter in it!

Overall, I had the most amazing time here and what I also loved was the affordability in the menu. I would recommend you give it a try!

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more & I will see you next week!


Sincerely, Didi

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