The Other Day

The other day, I was just getting into uni. So free spirited , so inspired , so excited , so outgoing but at the same time , so damn shy!

I was mostly concerned about how I’d fit in, how I’d step into adulting , how I’d start to take control of my wheel called life.

Out of every other thing I was afraid of, there was not a day I’d have the fear of not having something to wear in the morning .

Now that’s the best part. I joined uni when I just started blogging so I was never excited to wake up early for class , but I would always hype myself up trying to find something cute to wear.

B, this was one of those days. And it was everything I had thought about in my mind !

First of all, the sweater is as old as me . Can you imagine ! I saw this hanging in my moms room and it’s safe to say I “borrowed” it .

It was March ofcourse , and the weather legit took an L so it was hella chilly. I mean ft. The showers ! I couldn’t even , so the vintage knit had to come throu

I think I had everything borrowed on here . The boho top was from my sister , Rudi. The pants too were a gift from her . Thanks b.

I paired mr accent piece with these Vintage buckle up shoes with the cutest tassels & accessorised with this dolphin necklace , that Is a family gift to anyone who turns 21.

Because the dolphin is a free spirit , the necklaces symbolises the steps I’ve taken to reaching adulthood and the free spirit that I am now , exploring & fulfilling my purpose on this earth. Also I’m an air sign, so that’s a great  tattoo idea that I can’t wait to put to reality.

As I mentioned earlier , it was raining , so I had my hair in a crowned flat twist out as my protective style . You can watch the tutorial on my channel

One quick outfit shot before your girl a bounce ! So cute right !

Thats it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post, hope you had a lovely Easter & I wish you great blessings these remaining 9 months of 2018.


Sincerely, Didi 

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