Omg, I’m coming back to the blog a little like months late but if you’ve been with me through this journey then you’d know that I’ve been going through a lot, mentally and emotionally. I’ve always loved writing and sharing tid bits with you but since I got diagnosed with schizophrenia, my mental capacity has been a bit low, hence the break.

It’s been a tough couple of months but I’m staying positive and slowly recovering as I take each day as it comes. I really miss blogging and I want to try push my self so that my mind can slowly get used to process again because this is something that I really love doing. So now lets start talking fashion!

This was a while back when I got invited to Nyama Mama with a couple of other influencers for a Sunday brunch date. Cute right?

I am so in love with the whole concept behind Nyama Mama which is an African touch to everything, from Interiors being done right, to the food.

How artsy does this look? This dessert heaven is the perfect combo that I would need right about now! I can truly testify that this was such an amazing day, filled with loads of stuffings, cocktails and good food!

Speaking of food, Moharez and I couldn’t escape the creamy waffles that were literally a sound of music to our  taste buds.

The plating on its own was just a match made in heaven and I defo had to try the very famous Kenyan delicay, mahindi choma. YUM!!!

For my outfit, I paired these floral culottes which I stole from my mom’s closet and did quite a number on them because I’m so in love with florals.

If you know me, then you’d know to find me near the bar stools sipping on a cocktail or two! Also, it was a great aesthetic for the gram, so why not!

So I paired my culottes with a black pull-over because Nairobi has been really shifty with the weather patterns and what not. Also, I had my hair out in these cute finger coils that I did myself and added the pig tail buns for props.

Leaving the restaurant, I had such a huge food baby , thanks to the all you can eat buffet every Sunday at Nyama Mama Delta. I had to change my heels and go for my sandals which still paired with the look.

Well that’s it for today’s post, I’m glad I got to write without feeling so blocked and frustrated! I’m defo going to try this more often.

Hope you enjoyed this short post! Thanks for stopping by! Do stay tuned for more posts but most importantly stay safe!


Sincerely, Didi


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