My staples

If you know me , then you know my style is a mix of vintage vibes mixed with urban pop!

I like to think of it this way. What you wear is a reflection of what you’re feeling inside. For me, it’s all about good vibes , so I love to incorporate colour to my looks.

Don’t be fooled by this UK sun. The weather is so not okay, clear skies but very windy and cold at the same time .

It’s always great to have a coat on because of the cold , so my  go to pick was this amazing leather jacket that’s such a vibe , especially because of the fringes on it .

It brings up coachella vibes right ? The jacket also had some bedazzled jewellery lined over it and I am so here for it !

Fanny packs have made such a huge come back in the lines of fashion and they have become one of my favourite bags . To mix up the urban pop vibes I was talking about earlier , I wore my pink sneakers that are my faves right now .

This look is perfect for a day out and about  and let me tell you. You’ll defo be seeing more of these as I explore London and all it has to offer !


Sincerely, Didi

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