It’s a beautiful thing how roses bloom when it’s time , & in such lovely aura. This was  most certainly one of my best weekends, minimally spent. Its funny how I literally have no words to describe how happy I was . How happy I still am. The process of […]


Whether it’s subtle playful colours or rich and chic opts, Pauline cosmetics   definitely have it all. I recently got a package of these four amazing lip colours and they are my current fav’s. L-R : Marvel , Royal Diva, Bombshell & Rebel. I loved how shimmery they can look in […]

Island Girl

I’m slowly falling in love with the beach , the calm ocean and all there is to exploring. There are so many places to discover in North Coast and Diani was a definite fav. So quiet and serene away from the bustle of Mombasa town in itself , this would […]


Hey hey hey!!! Are you pumped up for the rainy season? I am because I’m a sucker for flowers and you know what they say, ‘no rain, no flowers’ . For this post, I will be showing you how to improvise a ‘leso’ into a crop top that will literally […]

Wash day!

Hello everyone! Life is loaded with dull however important errands. As a sluggish natural, washday is high on my list. Amid different focuses in my natural life, the measure of time to wash down, detangle, and style my hair has extended before me as a vast no man’s island. I’ve spent hours in a […]


Greetings to my readers! I bet by now you can tell that our warm weather is about to be traded for some rain showers. I am in love with these weather changes because earlier on Sunday evening, I was filled with child like excitement after seeing the rainbow with some splatter […]

My Hair Care Routine!

Taking care  of your natural hair tends to be a bit over-bearing, especially when the products cost you a pretty penny. Truth is, a great hair product is worth its weight in gold. My routine : First, I start by pre-pooing my hair. Before i wash my hair, i ensure […]

Bare feet , salty hair

Hey hey hey!!! I hope everyone’s week is going well!! Guess what !! The weekend is literally around the corner and I just can’t wait!! My week has been so hectic considering school and all? None the less, when it comes to my readers, I have to submit. When I was […]