Cord’s & two piece sets

Hey hey hey ! If you know me then you’d know I hardly wear co-rds which the fashion world calls them matchy-matchy two pieces. They’re designed to be worn together and what mostly works is by them having same coloured patterns , but some are also just plain and simple […]

My staples

If you know me , then you know my style is a mix of vintage vibes mixed with urban pop! I like to think of it this way. What you wear is a reflection of what you’re feeling inside. For me, it’s all about good vibes , so I love […]


Hey hey hey! So guess who just landed in London! I’m super excited that I’m finally here for my sisters wedding and OMG  that’s going to be a stunner! The weather has been great so far, so I’ve not started layering out my outfits . For this chilled out day, […]


Let me quickly brief you up on what happened here. So the annual Nairobi Burger Festival was on a little over two months ago, and it was my first time to experience it, so we went to Charlies Bistro before it sadly got demolished. I was all dolled up and […]


Another one. And by that, I mean, another birthday celebration on the cards. My girl Ann just turned 22 so we definitely had to celebrate it and here’s how it went down. We happened to stop by at Nyama Mama’s new outlet, at Capital Centre. Because it was a girl’s […]

Prints & Booties

Just as the poster behind me says , take time to love the little things . These little things in life end up being great so why not invest in that?? I’m throwing it back to my birthday which was a few months ago but feels like it was just […]

Making Memories

Okay, If you know me , you know how I love to pair colourful pieces to my outfits so this right here was me stepping out of my comfort zone. It was a beautiful day to just sit down, relax , take in the gorgeous view at Ololua Nature Trail. […]


Omg, I’m coming back to the blog a little like months late but if you’ve been with me through this journey then you’d know that I’ve been going through a lot, mentally and emotionally. I’ve always loved writing and sharing tid bits with you but since I got diagnosed with […]

The weekend

With the many story highlights that have happened this past weekend, Coachella had me to the core. Coachella as you know it is the one place you get away with showing too much skin ft loads of Denim & crotchet pieces. Because boho-inspired vibes have been the in through the […]

Sunny days in my Florals

On a normal day, I’d be dressed up in tees and jeans but I saw these pants from my moms closet & I had to cop them. I was rather going for a casual look so I didn’t need much effort to pair this enesemble. I love how florals always […]