Happy new week babes! I hope everyone is doing great? So umm today, we’re going hella bright as I share how I styled my mustard crop top ! I hardly ever wear anything in the lines of yellow, so this is definitely the first. So the past weekend, I had […]


Happy new week people! I don’t know if you can tell but I’m super excited about this short trip I had over the past weekend. We as influencers courtesy of Always Kenya had a chance to have a mini gateway at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Norfolk in Nanyuki and I […]

My staples

If you know me , then you know my style is a mix of vintage vibes mixed with urban pop! I like to think of it this way. What you wear is a reflection of what you’re feeling inside. For me, it’s all about good vibes , so I love […]


Welcome to November and major S/O to all November babies out there!! – don’t play yourselves! Well! November usually begins with the hot and dry onsets but ends with some little showers that have already begun making low key appearances but what the heck ! It’s always fun in the […]


That’s the moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the reality of Monday kicks in.But what do you do ? You stand strong and get bikini ready because the sun waits for no man! Really and truly. I would kill to get back to this stress free relaxation […]


How are you? Are you feeling okay? Let’s talk about my feelings.And no, I haven’t hit rock bottom either, I am just in my October feels so how am I feeling? Incredibly peachy. A while ago during my travels, I experienced this magnificent feeling of relaxation. Relaxed because I was […]


A trip down the Coast was a much needed vacay’ from the chilly Nairobi weather. There are so many sites to see in Mombasa , but I was very much intrigued with Old town, because that’s where the history’s at. Hailing from the two must visit islands in Kenya, Kisumu […]


Happy Sunday everyone! I must say that I am truly grateful to have been in England during the sprouting of autumn and beginning of winter. The interesting cloud patterns, beautiful autumn leaves and all other aspects of nature tickle my fancy. The weather was mostly chilly, so when there was […]


Happy Easter everyone! Easter, being the most important holiday for Christians, is spent mostly with family and friends, occasionally in the event of feasting together.There is nothing I desire more than going down to London and celebrating this holiday with my mom,sisters , cousins, nephews and nieces. I would be […]