Sheep in the big city!

What greater way to explore London than by the tube ? The London underground is a system of electric trains running through the city. The shortest tube journey between two stations is about 260 metres. The longest underground escalator is Angel, at 60 metres with a vertical rise of 27.5. […]


Happy Sunday everyone! Autumn truly is what summer pretends to be, the best of all seasons . I love how the summer petals have by then, curled brown to mother earth hidden beneath a garland of scarlets and golds. There is a beautiful autumn spirit that you can feel among […]

Black Friday,London

Nearly a month ago, I had the privilege of visiting my sisters in London, and I must say it was pretty exciting . Despite the cold weather ,I managed to cover as much ground as possible ! About Black Friday : From what I know,it was just a normal day,only […]