Jungle green

            Spotted: What would be your classic casual look , with an ounce of edge added to the mix? With the cold onsets slowly encroaching , a major closer staple would be any layering of some kind and a trench coat would be an added advantage. Stefani paired her jungle […]


The college girl

Happy new month loves!! Halfway through the year already and I’m still shocked on how the days are going by so fast. Well for starters I know one of my resolutions was achieved,  #forever trendy! As a college girl, there’s only one thing on our minds . Two actually . To have a closet full […]


button down skirt

  Spotted: The button down skirt has slowly made its way into every girl’s closet essential, much love for the suede pieces to be precise. The shade of brown goes so well with chcocolate- mid-brown complexion and the fabric so soft and comfortable to the skin. Grace paired her button down skirt with a similar […]



Was feeling very fi-lanthropic inspired by hip ph-ashion when I put this look together. First of all, its slowly getting chilly by the day so its about time we gear up with warm knits by the day and cuddle buddies after a long stressful day.   Obsessing over this mustard cosy fit, a staple piece […]



It’s already close to the bikini season, holiday’s and trips already being planned and whatnot but the major key here is being confident in your skin. (I had actually posted a video on my Youtube channel on body image, gaining body confidence and dealing with insecurities so this is just a small write up and […]



Spotted: Do you ever get that super pumped feel right before the weekend? Yup! that’s the one. My girl Jessie ( peep her insta is clearly all set for the weekend.She went for her floral tank and paired it with these gorgeous Denim shorts & it’s evident how we can never tire of Denim. Like the […]



We all have that pair of grey jeans that we absolutely don’t know what to wear with.  But then again grey is a neutral colour and it speaks for itself especially when you want to come out self sufficient. Pairing blue jeans is so easy, but going grey from head to toe is a whole […]



Spotted: Annastazia looking pretty hip in this ensemble. She paired her classic Denim button up skirt with a camel coat , adding a breath of fresh air into the outfit. Her accent piece was a bralette, a gem that usually adds some flirty affair to every outfit. The whole looks as well put together & […]



It’s a new month loves!! Onto the favourable next. I legit woke up on a high note and got inspired by men’s flairs , I mean we all are in one way or the other. So I happened to grab myself one of these striped over-sized man shirts and turned it into a flirty affair. […]


21 reasons & tid bits

I only came here to give you my 21 reasons why I keep smiling everyday: I’m forever surrounded by people who love me and want to see the best in me . I am blessed to have older siblings who always look out for me and help me through my battles. I have been gifted […]