Boot Camping !

So this past weekend was truly amazing !! First of all I want us to just stop and acknowledge my best friend Mitchelle who had her first ever boot camp session at Karura Forest courtesy of Esteē Lauder which is a beauty brand . So the boot camp begun from […]


So, the other day, I got invited to the first ever Keventers Milkshake Bar in East Africa . Crazy right ? So the perfect piece to wear for the milkshake tasting event had to be something bright and bubbly because why not ! So there you go! I wore this […]


Another one. And by that, I mean, another birthday celebration on the cards. My girl Ann just turned 22 so we definitely had to celebrate it and here’s how it went down. We happened to stop by at Nyama Mama’s new outlet, at Capital Centre. Because it was a girl’s […]

Prints & Booties

Just as the poster behind me says , take time to love the little things . These little things in life end up being great so why not invest in that?? I’m throwing it back to my birthday which was a few months ago but feels like it was just […]

Making Memories

Okay, If you know me , you know how I love to pair colourful pieces to my outfits so this right here was me stepping out of my comfort zone. It was a beautiful day to just sit down, relax , take in the gorgeous view at Ololua Nature Trail. […]


Omg, I’m coming back to the blog a little like months late but if you’ve been with me through this journey then you’d know that I’ve been going through a lot, mentally and emotionally. I’ve always loved writing and sharing tid bits with you but since I got diagnosed with […]


I know I haven’t been here in  a long , long, while and for most of you who might have been following my Instagram, then you’d know that I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and schizophrenia, a little over three months ago.The journey has been a tough one no lie, especially […]

The weekend

With the many story highlights that have happened this past weekend, Coachella had me to the core. Coachella as you know it is the one place you get away with showing too much skin ft loads of Denim & crotchet pieces. Because boho-inspired vibes have been the in through the […]

Sunny days in my Florals

On a normal day, I’d be dressed up in tees and jeans but I saw these pants from my moms closet & I had to cop them. I was rather going for a casual look so I didn’t need much effort to pair this enesemble. I love how florals always […]

The Other Day

The other day, I was just getting into uni. So free spirited , so inspired , so excited , so outgoing but at the same time , so damn shy! I was mostly concerned about how I’d fit in, how I’d step into adulting , how I’d start to take […]